A colleague passed an article to read yesterday morning. I read and here is the reaction.

The content was one of those CEO confessions, done with and dealt with a million times before in articles – either biographical or citing as examples. The million times however are not all CXOs but people with some influence, who achieved great heights – writing about little things in their lives that made them big, without much knowing then, that little thing had the possibility of making such a huge difference in their lives. Sounds familiar?

Some have this huge “Read Me” urge that they prefer to spice up the content with their best secrets, with a touch of amnesia, as an important component of the biography will always be missing – like in this article that my colleague forwarded – we knew the author was on the verge of being fired from a firm he had co-founded, and he cried, promised the Chairman that he would change and lived happily ever after. He never had to look back etc. What was left out was why he was asked to leave – selective amnesia there.

The article did have a key take away – Change, to survive, to succeed! Point taken – Change is inevitable

Three important questions to ponder are:

How to change: Find your way! Use some creativity. You want to read, imitate someone successful you admire and discipline yourself, introspect, find a better mission in life and drive change accordingly, set your priorities, work on your habits, set the compass right and watch the needle to check progress, unlearn a few things, 21 day rule to build something new in you, meditate to settle your disturbing thoughts that is hindering change – You can never say “Now I am a changed person” – Change is ongoing! If you have changed for good, so has the world and the people around you, gear up. Best of luck!

How much to change: As long as you enjoy the process of change and you are getting positive results, without any harm to others, continue the process – That much change is wanted is what I meant, that the process does not bother you anymore and you actually begin to enjoy it.

What to Change: Do you want to change your faith and belief system, as your peers think it is outdated? Do you want to change what has always been dear to you just for a job, a title, a promotion, fame, money, a partner? Do you want to change the core you – your peace, your integrity?

Lobo’s words ring – I can’t give any more of my soul away. Yes you have to look into the mirror everyday and ask yourself, have I changed for better or have I compromised something really precious to keep something insignificant? In the name of change, it will be sad to find people do away with ethics, values, integrity, sense of right and wrong and join the herd. Are they actually changing or coping up with a lot of compromises?

There is also the fourth question – Why should we change? We can use our common sense to answer that. However only when you find a reason to change yourself, which is beyond personal survival, success and growth, for larger good, the “Why” is a greater driving force.