This book will appeal to both kind of beginners – Those, on their first jobs who are yet to test the school of thoughts they come with, in the real corporate world and those who are just beginning to read books to enhance their quality of work and personal life, no matter in which year of their career, they currently are.

While I prefer to label YDNAG (That rhymes with my last name) as a self help guide rather than a Management Book, I also want to specify – for those who have read Robin Sharma, Shiv Khera, Subroto Bagchi, Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey and the kind, will find this book a reiteration of several aspects they have already learnt however in a much light hearted and easy to remember manner for the readers to draw the learnings either from the title of the chapters, or reality bites or memory bites.

Appa, I hate Ireland and Agastya seemed to have cast significant impact on readers – however the reality bite tagged to that chapter, that had the BJP story stayed with me longer than it should. I was a tad disappointed about the proportion of the book that carried the principles and the sections that discussed the people – My personal choice would be inclusion of more BJPs and Harvard chaiwallahs to inspire mortals like us.

What distinctly differentiates this book from another in the market, are examples, real life stories covering basics like branding in Slit Chilies on the Rocks or the art of saying No in the chapter – Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full of Bitterness and Busy Weekends – in simple, lucid writing packed with humor.

The author not only reflects in depth insight on people’s characteristics with his careful observations and by linking personal experiences with corporate philosophies and success quotients, but also shows tremendous potential and promise for future books.

I borrowed this book from a colleague, to read and as I write this review, any guesses, what my nephew gets as his birthday gift, this year?