Alan Sherwood, a reserved English solicitor, seemed real and believable in his fruitless chase and longing for Sarah Miller – a woman who kept him intrigued for years – whom he did not really get to know in spite of several attempts. While circumstances and prevailing state of affairs gradually lead to his engagement to a fragile and delicate Angela quite the opposite of Sarah’s character – without much knowing, he almost slipped to infidelity when Sarah re-enters his life.

Altered States is an intricately woven tale of complex human emotions, hope and despair, longing and belonging carefully crafted in the back drop of London and Paris with different timelines. None of the characters were superfluous.

When I picked this book from British Library last Saturday, 16 years after it was first published, the only thought that encouraged me to read this book was Anita had written over a dozen books and I had not read any. While I am not really sure, if this book can be considered a reader’s delight, it is most certainly a treasure for all those who are trying to define, understand human psyche.

While I am still not able to pin point exactly what I liked about this book nor label it as a must read, but Anita’s polished and poignant prose with vivid description, in dept insight into different dimension of a human mind, perceptions and open perspectives about individual thought process will stay in one’s mind even after the book is over. The ending seemed natural and yet so unpredictable which leaves the reader asking for more.