A fast paced thriller with a rather promising plot of a Senator running a large drug ring who engaged his mistress, Anna to manage deliveries taking undue advantage of her fallen social status and misery. Anna who was hopelessly in love with the Senator, grateful for all his favors was absolutely unaware of nature of activities she so obediently accomplished. Though she was sufficiently forewarned by her sister about the Senator’s circle, rescued by a cop John during one of those deliveries working undercover to expose the drug racket, her dilemma about her feelings for the two men continued to blind her. Only after a few mysterious deaths – she realized John as her true savior fighting her war for a crime that was merely an accident – she had her hopes pinned on the Jury to find him not guilty.

While some sections were fairly predictable with little suspense, the simple language, with loads of dialogues makes it a quick read not claiming too much of reader’s patience or time. A little more insight about the environment with specifics could have made the plot more visual. Andre’s character seemed superfluous – would not affect the story any way, even if left out. Repetitive reference to pouring a glass of wine and curling in the sofa limits reader’s imagination. A one sitting good Sunday afternoon read – just the way I did it. The curiosity element was there throughout and could be sharpened even further to make this a sitting on edge read.