One’s inclination towards spiritualism is not sudden but gradual – triggered by a series of experiences which could range from a permanent setback in life like a near one’s death, severe illness, an unexpected betrayal or a just specific moment of revelation – when you realize that we have been engaged in the rat race for too long, gathering materialistic possession wanting to feel secure – however with absolutely no investment of our available bandwidth in cosmic consciousness or what I call the Supreme Security.

Most often I have wondered – how can just a secure future protect an insecure mind? Insecurity is a state of mind. Even if financial welfare is taken care, emotional insecurity could be worse and way beyond repair. Conviction strengthens the mind and often secures it too from fear of loss or rejection – the power of conviction is huge and long lasting. In simpler words, belief makes the difference – and how exactly can one develop and enhance that belief in our minds, if all we expose our minds to is dirt and dust scattered around in the form of TV, gossip, status notes on FB and loads of negativity.

My recent reads have been Rhonda Bryne’s “The Secret” or Robin Sharma’s “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” and partially Shiv Khera’s “You can win” which deliver different messages with a common essence – the power of human mind is much more than what we imagine it to be. Sadly, in the rat race while we look at the comforts for our body, the most unfed part of our existence is our mind. Most of us barely even think for a brief moment what we are feeding our minds with, when we watch brainless programs on TV, say zero size of Kareena or the current focus on Saifina?

Secluded from the world in an unknown city, confined in a hotel room during a three day official tour to Baroda, a simple thought crossed my mind – I did not care to watch any program in the TV during my stay there, just switched on the Aastha Channel, heard Ram Dev’s supporters for a few minutes and switched it off. I preferred solitude and my Yoga – Source to Supreme Security – being in harmony with oneself.

While reading two books simultaneously – Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda and Stephen R Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People, one thing came out very prominently – Every human being is a leader and God resides in every human being. We need a determined mind to identify that in ourselves during the lifetime we live – find the leader and God in us, however one cannot tread far with determination alone –it is the belief that initiates that journey of discovering them in you, determination just assists you to end that journey of discovery.

Here is to capture that moment of solitude that elevates the mind to soul searching even while wandering amidst people who are yet to find that moment and their souls!!